Attention Master-Metered Electric Systems in PG&E Territory
PG&E Rate Case Decision Significantly Reduces the Discount on Electric Rates

In the recently decided PG&E General Rate Case, in which PG&E requested to revise their electric marginal costs, revenue allocations and rate design, the California Public Utilities Commission voted 4-0 on December 15, 2011 to reduce the PG&E discount paid to master-metered manufactured housing community owners under their Electric Tariff ET by $9.14 per space per month to $2.40.The $2.40 rate was later reduced by PG&E in a “true up” calculation to $2.35 per space per month, an unprecedented 80% reduction in the discount.The current discount of $11.54 per space per month dates back to a 2003 General Rate Case settlement among the parties. The change in the discount went into effect January 1, 2012.

Letters to Commissioners Requested

WMA filed a Petition for Modification and an Application for Rehearing on Monday, January 23, 2012 with the CPUC. We are requesting master-metered community owners in PG&E electric territory send a separate letter to all five of the CPUC Commissioners and request that the decision be modified or that a rehearing be granted to restore the discount to an adequate level. Please watch for a mailing from WMA to all WMA master-metered parkowners in PG&E territory which was recently sent with a sample letter to the Commissioners requesting the discount be restored to at least $11.54 per space per month. WMA urges you to send a letter to all of the Commissioners. If community owners send a letter, an ex parte notice must be filed with the Commission and the other parties to the proceeding. A copy of each letter needs to be emailed or faxed to WMA’s utilities counsel, Ed Poole. Fax 415.956.6416, Email: and he will file the required ex parte notice. You can download the sample letter linked on this page.

Please be aware that WMA strongly and continuously opposed this change to the discount, even going to litigation with PG&E challenging the reduction. Since March of 2010, WMA has spent significant money and time litigating the reduction of the PG&E Electric Tariff ET discount and we will continue our efforts to restore the discount to a fair and reasonable level. If you have any questions, please give Sheila Dey a call at 800.669.8847 and she will be happy to discuss this with you.

Find updates on this rate case in the Utilities section of our website (member login required).

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