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HCD CalHome Program Notice of Funding Availability
By California Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI)

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) announced the 2021 CalHome program Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for approximately $57 million, with $20 million reserved for mobilehome assistance in a mobilehome or manufactured home community.

What can the funds be used for?

These funds can be used exclusively for purchase, rehabilitation, or replacement of a mobilehome, not on a permanent foundation.

Any unused set-aside funds under this NOFA will roll back into the general program funds.


Eviction moratorium will expire September 30, 2021

AB 832, COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act (CTRA) will expire on September 30, 2021. The Legislature did not extend the Eviction Moratorium and is adjourned until January 3, 2022. Therefore, parkowners need to take steps now to ensure they are in a position to move forward to deal with residents who have failed to pay the rent.

Read more here.



As California’s eviction moratorium comes to an end, it’s important that parks and managers are using the correct forms when starting the lease termination process. WMA has provided the form “3/60 Notice to Pay Rent October 2021 – March 2022″. 

These are forms suggested for Management’s use when a resident requests a deferral of rent. These are only suggested forms, not intended as legal advice. We strongly recommend that you consult with your legal advisor.

Government Affairs


Attention members: WMA Update on New Laws Outline Available

Attention members: The corresponding Update on New Laws Seminar outline highlights the key measures recently enacted into law.  


Attention Mobilehome Park Owners, Mobilehome Park Residents, and Local Enforcement Agencies New video helps you prepare for your mobilehome park inspection

At the California Department of Housing and Community Development, we work to protect the health and safety of residents living in mobilehome parks by inspecting all park common areas, buildings, lots, exterior portions of manufactured homes and mobilehomes, and accessory structures within the parks.

Prepare for your inspection — Know what to expect


Bills of Interest

This section tracks WMA’s bills of interest as they make their way through the legislative process.

COVID-19 Update


WMA COVID Response

For more information on COVID resources and information please go to our COVID Responses and Updates page on this website.


Gov. Newsom announces plan to pay rental housing providers 100% of rent owed

Article Provided Courtesy of the California Apartment Association (CAA) – Gov. Newsom today announced his intent to pay rental housing providers 100% of rent that’s gone unpaid because of COVID-19.


Small landlords left struggling when renters stop paying

Economists say small property owners have been uniquely pinched by the pandemic as renters move out or stop paying. Despite a federally mandated mortgage forbearance and $2.6 billion in rental relief from the state, some landlords who slip through the cracks wonder how much longer they can absorb the costs. READ MORE

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New Member Bootcamp Now Available!
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This unique continued education opportunity is designed to introduce individuals to the Manufactured Housing Community industry. The course is open-ended and can be taken at any time at the individual’s convenience.

There are five two-hour courses which should be taken in the following order:

– Introduction into the Mobilehome Residency Law, Title 25, Chapter 2, and the Mobilehome Parks Act
– The Role of Management
– Infrastructure/Maintenance
– Rules
– Fair Housing

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2021 MCM Webinar Series
Registration Now Open!

In 2021 we will continue MCM educational events in an online webinar format. We hope to be back to in-person seminars in early 2022. We will have four webinars this year, with 4.5 units available for participation in each. This will allow MCM candidates to gain 18 units in 2021, the same as in-person participation. This year’s topics are:

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
March 16, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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