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Contribute to WMA PAC

WMA has two separate PACs to fight two different kinds of battles.

  • WMA’s candidates PAC helps elect those who write legislation or ordinances impacting community owners.
  • WMA’s Issues PAC finances ballot measure campaigns against rent control and other efforts to take away your property rights.

What should my community contribute?

A penny a day, per space, is the suggested amount per community.  $3 per space for WMA Candidates PAC, and 1$ per space for WMA Issues PAC.

  • WMA PAC Opposes policies that could cost community owners millions of dollars.
  • See how WMA’s PAC Protects your property rights.

Why should I give to WMA PAC?

  • Read the letter from our PAC Chairman, Clint Lau (see right panel on this page)
  • See what industry leaders are saying about WMA PAC (main PAC page).
  • WMA partners with other business groups bring more value to your contribution.
  • Read article that explains why electing bipartisan and pro-jobs candidates is now more important than ever. [link coming soon]

How do I contribute to WMA PAC?

Easy! Donate Online, or you can print the contribution form (above in the right panel) and send your completed form and check to our office:

455 Capitol Mall, Ste 800
Sacramento, CA 95814

If you have further questions or need more assistance, please call us at 916.448.7002, or send us an email using the contact form on this page.



How WMA’s PACs Protect Your Property Rights

WMA’s PACs Oppose Policies That Could Cost Community Owners Millions of Dollars

Oppose Rent Control Measures. WMA’s PAC works with local community owners to referend or defeat rent control ordinances.

Oppose Right of First Refusal Laws

WMA’s PACs oppose measures that could force you to sell your community for less than it is worth.

Protect Property Rights

WMA’s PACs have repeatedly led the fight to protect your property rights.

Deflate the Myth that Residents Vote as a Bloc

WMA’s PAC funded studies to debunk the myth that community residents vote as a bloc and used them to persuade elected officials to keep an open mind on community issues.

Standing up to the Resident Lobby

WMA’s two PACs can effectively combat the noisy grass-roots campaigns organized by resident groups.

Sitting on the sidelines means letting rent control and right of first refusal laws proponents have undue influence on lawmakers. Protect your property rights by pooling your resources with other community owners to fully fund WMA’s two PACs.

Questions? Call us at 916.448.7002, or send us message through the contact form on this page.


What Industry Leaders Are Saying About WMA PAC…

“I consider my PAC dues a part of doing business, just as my dues to WMA, and then factor them into our budget each year. Having been involved in the political arena for over 40 years, I recognize that given the tremendous cost of campaigns, our contributions to candidates or elected officials who believe as we do are a necessity of life! Without our support, they would be unable to participate in the political process.”
 — Jeri McLees, Wagon Ho Mobile Terrace, Elk Grove


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