What Industry Leaders Are Saying About WMA PAC…

“I consider my PAC dues a part of doing business, just as my dues to WMA, and then factor them into our budget each year. Having been involved in the political arena for over 40 years, I recognize that given the tremendous cost of campaigns, our contributions to candidates or elected officials who believe as we do are a necessity of life! Without our support, they would be unable to participate in the political process.”
 — Jeri McLees, Wagon Ho Mobile Terrace, Elk Grove

“In today’s political climate, we must have our voices heard by our Legislature. Letters to individual politicians are good, however, they are only one step. We are fortunate in having knowledgeable and effective WMA staff members carry our messages forward. Our PAC dues and other contributions are small in comparison to the impact made on the political process. Anyone who does not participate in the PAC is getting a free ride. More importantly, we are all getting less of our message to legislators about our issues.
—Vance DiMaria, Casa Del Rey ME, Hemet

“Having a significant presence in Sacramento is essential to the future well being of our industry.  Often, we fight an uphill battle and without financial support to the WMA PAC, it is very difficult to get our message across in the Capitol.  PAC support of candidates and issues is critical to our success in Sacramento. Don’t believe it? Just look at the uproar from the recent Supreme Court decision to OK corporate contributions in Presidential and Congressional races. So, if I and my fellow parkowners, don’t collectively support the WMA PAC, where will our industry’s voice come from?”
—Frank Kalcic, Sunset Estates MHP, Sunnyvale

“Why? Well, I think there is a common misconception about why PAC’s and lobbyists exist. The misconception believed by many outside of our industry is that there is some nefarious effort going on to “buy” votes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I give to, and volunteer to help the WMA PAC because our industry, perhaps more than many, is a unique, specific and complicated one and is truly a bit of an enigma. The general public at large does know that our parks seem to be targets for tornados and hurricanes, but they have no clue about the problems with feel-good legislation like rent control. Therefore, I support PAC to get our word out and to educate the people who carry bills and create laws as to the nuances of our business. I want all these folks in Sacramento to say to themselves ‘Oh, now I get it. That’s why they want this law or amendment; as opposed to THAT law…I didn’t know that.’ Many of our arguments are based on common sense, but the emotions of the middle-third of legislators can blind them to the best route to take for all. That’s why.”
—Clint Lau, Les Frame Management, Hermosa Beach

“We belong to WMA to protect us from government.  We contribute to the WMA PAC for the same reasons.  It is a fact that candidates need funds to get their message out, and our system of government requires that they obtain such funds from their own resources or from contributions by civic minded individuals such as us.  If we want like minded persons to be elected to office we need to help them to do so. Therefore, PAC contributions are in our best interest.”
—Fran Hirsch, Brandenburg, Staedler & Moore, San Jose

“I give to PAC because it does a great job locally and regionally, as well as statewide; and in the final analysis all politics is local. Additionally, contributions help elect candidates who support business.”
—Skip Green, Hillsboro Properties, San Mateo

“We support the PAC to enable WMA to communicate the goals and objectives of our industry to elected officials at both the state and local levels.”
—Allan Alt, Synergised Properties, Inc., Beverly Hills

“The purpose of the PAC and WMA is to save the mobilehome business from government; state and local. It is that simple!”
—Sheila Dey, WMA Executive Director

“The PAC is one of the most important aspects for our association. We give to the PAC to get like minded people elected to office.”
—Lawrence McAdoo, Magic Lamp MHP

“We give to PAC because our business needs to be part of the political process. Our industry needs a voice in the Legislature. In order to have a voice, we need to help people get elected who think as we do about our industry, and the issues that are important to us. My father has preached to me for as long as I can remember the importance of being involved in the political process with regards to our industry. I think that people who don’t give to PAC for this reason, or that reason, really just don’t understand how the WMA PAC works.”
—Jason Tarlov, Safari Mobile Lodge, El Cajon; PAC Trustee

“I give to Candidates and WMA PAC to protect my business. The only threat to my future is political.”
—Jerry Fick, Park Owner, Chula Vista

“When community owners support the WMA PAC, it impacts our industry’s ability to be heard. It gives individual owners an opportunity to combine with other property owners to influence legislation that both protects and enhances our business.”
—Susan G. Zimmerman, Storz Realty & Management, Clackamas, OR


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