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WMA Code of Ethics

The residents of mobilehome/manufactured housing communities, as homeowners, can expect recognition of their rights to privacy, respect, courtesy and dignity. The responsibility of management is to serve the needs of the community, and to provide safe and well-maintained common areas and community services. Mutual respect and concern are the governing principles of management-resident relations.

In order to provide for responsible relationships between resident and resident, and between residents and management, and to protect the investment of residents and management, reasonable rules and regulations shall be established in writing and be available to all residents. Management pledges to enforce rules and regulations in an equitable and forthright manner.

Communications are essential to all interpersonal relations and to the successful operation of all businesses. Management pledges to be available to residents, to be receptive to their constructive suggestions and to provide factual information.

Contentment, security and peace of mind are the desires of residents and the goals of management. To this end, management pledges that residents shall be free of worry of arbitrary or unlawful termination of tenancy. Management further pledges to operate the community in a manner consistent with established business practices and procedures which assure long-term economic stability for residents and investors.

Management recognizes its business responsibilities to the community, state and the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association, and pledges full support of those laws and activities which encourage the growth of manufactured housing community living and the Association.


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