May 2013, Membership Edition

Features and Columns

Feature Article – A Message From Our
President – Be Prepared

By Fran Hirsch
Page 7

Counsel’s Corner – Legal Updates
By Sheila Dey
Page 9

Capitol Update – Harmful Mediation Bill
By Catherine Borg
Page 11

Regional Focus – Los Angeles County Rejects Clean Water Tax Proposal…Now What?
By David Evans
Page 15

WMA: Strength in Numbers
Page 24

2013 MCM Registration Form
Page 28

America’s Night Out
By Marcie Powers
Page 34

Feature Article – The Distinction Between a “Homeowner” and A “Resident” Is Not Just a Matter of Semantics
By Julie Rubin
Page 39

Feature Article – Reducing Workers’ Compensation Costs
By Raymond Avila
Page 43

MCM Graduate List
Page 46

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