May 2011

Features and Columns

Editor’s Letter
By Rebekah Spencer
Page 5

Counsel’s Corner – Colony Cove Properties v. City of Carson
By Sheila S. Dey
Page 9

Snapshot – Solar Powered Homes: Shining a Light on Savings
By Janece Herrington
Page 13

Capitol Update – WMA Sponsored Bill Moves Forward
By Catherine Borg
Page 17

WMA Legislative Bill Chart
Page 19

Attention Parkowners Who Rent Homes
Page 22

Dealing with Resident Code Violations
By Paul T. Jensen, Attorney at Law
Page 39

Regional Focus – Oceanside Residents Show Their True Colors
By Julie Paule
Page 43

Death of a Resident: What You Need to Know
By Douglas K. Schreiber & Tamara Cross, Esq.
Page 45

Serious Violation – Changes that Affect You
By Jan Beaver
Page 49

Medical Marijuana Users Have Limited Legal Rights on Mobilehome Park Premises
By Joseph W. Carroll & Andrew J. Amara
Page 51

Resident Profile – Cleora Robb Galt
Page 55

Now Playing: Movies in Your Manufactured Housing Community
Page 57

Commission Opens Rulemaking into Transfer of Master-Metered Systems
By Edward G. Poole
Page 59


An Open Letter to Non Members
By Sheila S. Dey
Page 7

WMA Membership: A Valuable Asset
By Keith Casenhiser
Page 23

Value for Every Dollar
By Fran Hirsch
Page 25

WMA Member Spotlight – Larz McAdoo
Page 31

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