July 2024

Local Government


  7        Industry Updates

  9        News & Information — Finding Wally Carr
            By Doug Johnson

11        Capitol Update — Local Politics Drive State Legislation —
            WMA Members Essential to Defending Manufactured 
            Housing Community Industry
            By Chris Wysocki

15        Regional Focus — Michael Weinstein’s Last Dance?
            By Julie Paule

17        Regional Focus — A Not-So-Funny Comedy Skit:
            Los Angeles County Caps Rents Again (Mobilehome
            Communities Could Be Next)
            By Jarryd Gonzales

21        Regional Focus — Thomas Sowell on Rent Control
            By Saulo Londoño

26        MCM Webinar Registration Form

27        Feature Article — Fixed-Fee Utility Scheme Is Bad News
            By Chris Villarreal


  9        New Members
12        Consumer Price Index
31        Industry Legislation
43        Community Membership Application
45        S&I Membership Application
47        Order Form for WMA Members

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