May 2024

Membership Issue


    7        Industry Updates

    9        News & Information — Read It First: Assembly Bill 205
              vs. Assembly Bill 1999
              By Doug Johnson

    11      Capitol Update — WMA Members Make Victory and
              Success Possible
              By Chris Wysocki

    13      Regional Focus — When in Rome — A Lesson from
              By Saulo Londoño

    15      Membership News — A Bright, Innovative Future
              Lies Ahead
              By Melissa Martinez-Moore

    17      The President’s Message — WMA’s Changes Leading Our
              Industry Toward a Better Future
              By Virginia Jensen

    19      Feature Article — WMA PAC Helping Elect Private
              Property Rights in the Legislature
              By Clint Lau

    21      Feature Article — The Importance of Professional Develop-
              ment and How the WMA MCM Program Fulfills that Goal
              By Candace Holcombe

    23      Community Member Benefits

    25      Service & Industry Member Benefits

    26      MCM Registration Form

    27      The MCM Program

    29      MCM Testimonials

    35      WMA Foundation

    37      Frank J. Evans Charitable Foundation

    39      Member Spotlight — Inside the Mind of Barry Cole
              By Patrick Revere


      9      New Members
    12      Consumer Price Index
    45      Industry Legislation
    56      Community Membership Application
    57      S&I Membership Application
    59      Order Form for WMA Members

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WMA Member Benefits

May 2012 issue of Reporter magazine.
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