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WMA Legislative Alert – Sign Petition (Time Sensitive)

Dear Parkowners and Operators:
Park residents and operators have become increasing frustrated that under current law there are no emergency provisions to evict a tenant who poses a serious threat to resident safety.
Evictions for bad behavior are commonly dealt with as a substantial annoyance. However, today police reports reveal that offenses have become more egregious and even physically threatening. 
Some parks have experienced SWAT team interventions, drug raids, resident on resident violence, and even death threats. Even under these extreme circumstances, problem tenants can’t be evicted for 60 (or more) days under California law. Knowing this, homeowners fearing retribution have become reluctant to report crimes and live in fear.
In response to growing concerns, the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA) has developed a very reasonable and balanced solution modeled after a successful Oregon law.
Senate Bill 470, authored by Senator Jeff Stone, allows perpetrators of serious crimes to be evicted within 3 days;
“Commission of any act that is outrageous in the extreme, on the mobilehome park premises or in the immediate vicinity of the premises, including, but not limited to, acts of violence committed against any person, threats of violence against any person, sexual assault or abuse of any person, or use or display of any firearm or other weapon toward any person in the park in a manner which would make that person reasonably fear for his or her own life, health or safety. Any notice of termination of tenancy served under this subdivision shall be supported at trial by evidence from another resident of the park or from law enforcement personnel.”
On behalf of our residents, WMA has launched a grassroots campaign to build public support for this important public safety issue, and here is how you can help:

Distribute the Yes on SB 470 flyer door to door in your park, and post it in public places.

If you have the capability to email residents, please share the importance of improving public safety at your park, the campaign and how to sign a petition found at

Senate Bill 470 may be heard in committee as soon as May 2nd. So, we appreciate your prompt attention. Thank you.
Visit to Sign the Petition
Urge your State Legislators to Protect Your Community by Voting Yes on SB 470




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