Red Alert

Urgent-Tell Your Senator to Vote NO on SB 999 (Umberg)

Attention WMA Members: WMA needs your help immediately to defeat the passage of Senate Bill 999 by Senator Tom Umberg.  

SB 999 seeks to effectively prohibit long-term leases, and it even goes so far as to extend its effect on leases signed and executed on or after February 13, 2020.

The ability of parkowners and residents to enter into long-term leases is a practice that has proven mutually beneficial to both parties for numerous reasons: long-term security in the event of a park sale, the ability to secure home financing, the ability of a resident to negotiate rent increases below rent control, and assurances that park amenities, which make the location desirable, remain intact.

Make your voice heard!

Please take a moment and send a letter of opposition to your State Senator. If you are unaware of who your representative is, a search can be found on the Government Affairs section of our website,

The letter can be brief. Please email your State Senator using this email address format: senator.[lastname]

We would also appreciate it if you would please email a copy to WMA’s legislative advocate, Chris Wysocki, Thank you for your assistance.



Senator [INSERT NAME]    
California State Senate
State Capitol 
Sacramento, CA 95814    



Dear Senator [INSERT NAME]:

I am the owner/manager of ____mobilehome park in ______ (city). I strongly oppose SB 999 (Umberg) because it threatens my ability to maintain and operate safe, secure, and affordable housing at a time when affordable housing stock is critical.   

Mobilehome parks are an essential asset and opportunity that contribute towards a solution to our statewide housing crisis. As a California-based business, I strongly urge you to reject SB 999. This bill prevents me from working to provide homes for people who need them at an affordable price in a time when people are struggling to find safe, secure and high-quality housing for their families.

This bill, if passed, would create a great deal of uncertainty in how mobilehome parks operate in the future.

Please vote no on SB 999.



cc:      WMA


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