Rental of “park models” and travel trailers

What is the law or code that states a recreation vehicle (RV) cannot be rented out for continuous habitation?

A: An RV, as defined by H&SC section 18010, is designed for use for “recreational, emergency, or other occupancy.” The use of the word “other” has been interpreted to allow continuous occupancy, as far as state law is concerned (the park, or the local government, could have rules to the contrary).A park model/trailer (H&SC sec.18009.3) can be used for “recreational or seasonal use only.” Note the lack of “other” and the inclusion of “only,” restricting its use forcontinuous habitation. 

Rather than the Mobilehome Parks Act, the Special Occupancy Parks Act (H&SC sections 18860, et seq.) applies to any portion of a mobilehome park held out to rent for RV’s. (sec, 18865.5) and the ability of a local government to restrict the length of occupancy is subject to section 18865.2.

Is there any way that a “park model” can be rented out year-round?

A: No. “Park models” have been singled out as restricted for seasonal use only and therefore cannot be rented out year-round, even though other recreational vehicles are not similarly restricted by this law. Camping cabins, which are allowed in special occupancy parks, are restricted as well, to 30 days.


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