CPUC Issues Unanimous Decision on Voluntary Conversion of Electric & Natural Gas Master Metered Service to Direct Service
Establishes a voluntary, three year Living Pilot program

On March 13, 2014, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a unanimous decision on the Voluntary Conversion of Electric and Natural Gas Master-Metered Service at Mobilehome Parks and Manufactured Housing Communities to Direct Service by Electric and or Natural Gas Corporations. The decision establishes a voluntary, three year Living Pilot program for conversion from master-meter/submeter natural gas and/or electric service to direct service for mobilehome parks and manufactured housing communities (collectively, MHPs) located within the franchise areas of electric and/ or natural gas corporations.

The MHP pilot program will be designed to accomplish, conversion on a combined “to the meter” and “beyond the meter” basis of approximately 10% of the spaces in the service territory of each electric and/or natural gas corporation. The MHP pilot timeline must accept applications beginning on January 1, 2015. The application process will be open for 90 days. All costs, to the meter and beyond the meter, will be rolled into the general rate base. Higher risk natural gas systems will have first priority, reliability and capacity will follow safety.

Ed Poole, Richard McCann, Mike Cirillo, Allan Alt, Jim Joffe, Catherine Borg, Andrew Governor and Sheila Dey have been working on this project for many years, some since 1997, when the Utilities Task Force was initially formed. Now we begin Phase 2, the application process and the conversion of the systems to direct service. The final decision is linked on this page for your convenience. For your immediate reference, please see pages 74-79 of the decision for the ordering paragraphs which summarize the decision. Once finalized, the Application for Conversion from Master Meter to Direct Service will be linked on this page for your convenience.

WMA encourages all interested communities to apply during the 90 day application period beginning January 2015.
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