Changes to Federal Rental Assistance Funding Guidelines
By Manufactured Housing Institute

The U.S. Treasury Department has announced new guidance to ensure state and local grantees can further accelerate Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) funds to landlords and renters. This includes establishing guidelines for providing a portion of estimate bulk payments to landlords in anticipation of the full satisfaction of applications and documentation requirements and making clear that state and local grantees may—at an eligible tenant’s request—provide assistance to cover remaining rental or utility arrears at a previous address. Click here to learn more.

MHI continues to work with a coalition of national housing industry organizations to call for rental assistance to reach those in need. Click here to read a recent letter to the Administration and Congress which includes several recommendations to improve disbursement of the ERA program funding and increase participation in the program

In most states and localities, landlords can apply for ERA funds on behalf of their residents who need assistance in paying their rent. To find out how to access the ERA funds in your state, the U.S. Treasury Department has created a webpage listing the websites associated with those states and counties that received ERA funding. Please click here for more information. 

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