Capitol Update – May 5, 2023
By Chris Wysocki

WMA Scores Legislative Victories

Over the last few weeks, WMA’s legislative team worked to stop two bills for the year, Assembly Bill 22 (Gipson, D-Los Angeles) and Assembly Bill 919 (Kalra, D-San Jose).

When Assembly Bill 22 was introduced, the measure would have extended Mobilehome Residency Law protections to recreational vehicles parked in manufactured housing communities to provide positive equity for depreciating assets. 

After speaking with the author regarding the negative effects the bill would have on the mobilehome industry, the Assemblyman ended up gutting and amending the bill.  As a result, Assembly Bill 22 now simply amends the Vehicle Code definition of a mobilehome that can be transported on state roads and highways. This legislation would increase the width of a home that can be moved from 102 inches to 110 inches.

Assembly Bill 919 would impede the ability of a manufactured housing community owner to sell a park and allow residents to delay the sale for several months by providing a first right of refusal to a resident group that has an intent to secure financing to purchase the community up for sale. WMA helped lead a coalition opposing this bill, and it has been held in committee and will not move forward this year.

Statewide Rent Control for Park Owned Homes Amended

Senate Bill 567 (Durazo, D-Los Angeles) was introduced to place a rent increase cap of five percent for apartments and park-owned rental homes across the state. WMA joined with the California Apartment Association, the California Association of Realtors, the Southern California Rental Housing Association, and others to lead a coalition of opposition.

Senate Bill 567 was amended in the Senate Judiciary Committee to remove the five percent cap and replace it with language consistent with current law under Assembly Bill 1482 that was passed in 2019 and capped rent increases at five percent plus a Consumer Price Index adjustment not to exceed ten percent.

In its amended form, Senate Bill 567 does not apply to mobilehome park spaces. It only applies to the actual homes owned by parkowners that are rented out to tenants. WMA remains opposed, but the amendments taken were significant. The amended bill has been referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee, and it will be heard on May 15, 2023.

HCD Comment Period is Open on Inspection Program Proposed Regulations – Comments Due on May 9, 2023

The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) announced it would adopt regulations governing the Mobilehome Parks and Special Occupancy Parks which the Mobilehome Parks Act and Special Occupancy Parks Act established.  As the notice indicates:

“The purpose of the proposed regulations is to establish consistent fees for services provided under existing law, and to realign fees based on actual duties and activities relating to health and safety inspections, complaint investigations, state mandates, administration, and supervision of the home offices located to statewide, and to facilitate efficiency of state operations.”

There are three separate links outlining the scope of the proposed rulemaking notice provided by HCD, and they can be found below:

Fee Realignment: Notice of Proposed Action (

Fee-Realignment-Express-Terms.docx (

Fee Realignment: Initial Statement of Reasons (

WMA has filed comments on this proposed action, and please email me at with any questions. 

Membership Dues Renewal Coming Soon

We want to take this opportunity to remind members that WMA will be mailing out our membership dues renewal statements this month. Please be sure to renew your dues to continue maintaining the many benefits your WMA membership affords. 

As always, WMA strives to provide valuable programs and services for its members, and we appreciate your continued support.  

It is an honor to serve WMA, and please feel free to call me on my direct line at 916.288.4026 with any questions.

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