By Chris Wysocki


This week is pivotal in the Legislature as both the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees are set to release hundreds of spending bills from the so-called “Suspense File” that contain significant fiscal impacts to the State Budget.

Currently, there are more than 1,250 legislative proposals pending in the Senate and Assembly that need to be acted on by midnight on August 31st.  Many of these bills will be held on “Suspense” by the two Appropriations Committees, but WMA’s legislative team continues to work on several measures impacting parkowners across the state.

SB 940 (Laird) Mobilehome parks: local ordinances.

SB 940 was amended to provide a 15-year exemption from local rent control ordinances for new parks and new spaces built in parks upon a certificate of occupancy.  WMA remains opposed to this measure as the legislation fails to incentivize new construction of spaces in existing parks.  The bill passed the State Assembly on a vote of 45-21 on Monday and now heads back to the Senate for concurrence in Assembly amendments.  WMA remains strongly opposed to this measure.  To keep apprised of the status of SB 940, please visit the following website:

SB 869 (Leyva) Housing: mobilehome parks: recreational vehicle parks: manager training

SB 869 deals with mobilehome park manager training, and the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development passed the bill with several amendments reducing the hours of mandatory training.  WMA continues to work with the author to amend the bill to allow third party providers to offer training.  The legislation is currently on the Assembly Appropriations Committee Suspense File which will be dispensed with on Thursday.  WMA remains committed to its opposition of this measure.

To keep apprised of the status of SB 869, please visit the following website:

SB 1105 (Hueso) San Diego Regional Equitable and Environmentally Friendly Affordable Housing Agency

SB 1105 would allow San Diego County to place various financing measures on the ballot to increase Parcel Taxes, Gross Receipts Business License Taxes, Special Business Taxes, Special Taxes on Real Property, Documentary Transfer Taxes, Commercial Linkage Fees, General Obligation Bonds, Revenue Bonds, Mortgage Revenue Bonds, and Private Equity Bonds to fund housing needs in San Diego County.  WMA joined a coalition of business owners to oppose this measure, and the bill is currently on the Assembly Appropriations Suspense File that will be dispensed with on Thursday.

To keep apprised of the status of SB 1105, please visit the following website:

Important Dates Coming up for the Legislature

August 12th is the last day for fiscal committees to meet and report bills, but most of these bills will be reported out of committee Thursday afternoon.  Between August 15th and August 31st, both the Senate and Assembly will be holding Floor Sessions only.  Committee meetings may be called if rule waivers are granted, but bills must be fully in print for 72 hours prior to the passage of legislation even if rules are waived.

After the Senate and Assembly adjourn sine die on August 31st, the Governor will have until September 30th to sign or veto legislation.  So-called “urgency” bills that require a 2/3 vote of the Legislature will take effect immediately on the Governor’s signing of the bill, but all other measures will take effect on January 1, 2023.

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