By Chris Wysocki

SB 869 Set for Hearing on June 29th

Senate Bill 869, authored by Senator Connie Leyva, will be heard in Housing and Community Development Committee on Wednesday, June 29th. SB 869 would require at least one person per mobilehome park to receive appropriate training of at least 16 hours during the initial year and at least 6 hours of follow-up training each year thereafter on rules and regulations for the park. WMA has been a strong opponent of this measure, and the full text of the current bill can be found at:

SB 940 Awaiting Amendments

Senate Bill 940, authored by Senator John Laird, will be amended and amendments will be taken in the coming weeks.  WMA is still in opposition to the measure, but the bill will be changed significantly before facing its hearing in August when the Legislature returns from its July recess. To view the most current version of the bill as currently drafted, please visit:

AB 2002 Amended, Will be heard in Senate Appropriations Committee on June 27th     

Assembly Bill 2002, authored by Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua, was amended on Monday.  This is the WMA-sponsored bill that creates a Mobilehome Repair Grant Fund. The amended language will be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday, June 27th. To view the bill as currently in print, please visit:

Housing Construction Growing… Still Short of Demand

Governor Gavin Newsom is proposing a $300.7 billion budget to provide relief from rising inflation, ensure public safety, address homelessness, transform public education, and combat climate change. The Legislature passed a Budget (Senate Bill 154) on June 13, 2022.  To view the entire bill, please visit:

According to the Governor’s Budget Economic Outlook, residential permits continued to grow despite the pandemic and the ensuing economic slowdown. In 2021, California permitted 120,000 housing units—the highest level of units authorized in the state since 2006. However, around 180,000 new units are needed every year to make up for the current deficit in the housing stock.

Permitting activity is expected to continue growing in the forecast window but at a slightly slower rate than assumed in the Governor’s Budget, consistent with slightly downgraded economic growth, expected interest rate increases starting in 2022, higher inflation, and prolonged supply chain disruptions.

The Governor’s full budget report can be found at:

Chris Wysocki is WMA’s State Legislative Advocate. He can be reached at

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