Capitol Upate- June 1, 2023
By Chris Wysocki

House of Origin Deadline Tomorrow … WMA Supported Bills Fly Through Assembly

June 2nd is the house of origin deadline for the Assembly and Senate to pass bills introduced in the respective houses. Over the past week, hundreds of bills have advanced, and the most controversial ones still face a final decision that must be made by tomorrow.

Two bills supported by WMA passed with no opposition last week, and it shows how common sense sometimes does prevail in the Legislature.  The bills that passed include Assembly Bill 319 (Connolly, D-San Rafael) and Assembly Bill 1334 (Pellerin, D-Santa Cruz).

Assembly Bill 319

This legislation, supported by WMA, will require inspectors employed by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to file statements of economic interest with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) to disclose investments in manufactured housing communities or in properties close to manufactured housing communities they inspect. The bill also extends the sunset date of the Mobilehome Parks Act (MPA) by one year.  The legislation has been transmitted to the Senate, where it is expected that it will be assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee and heard in June or July.  This measure passed on a 75-0 vote in the Assembly.  To read the current language of AB 319, click here.

Assembly Bill 1334

This legislation encourages the development of new spaces in existing manufactured housing communities. By exempting additional spaces (up to 10 percent of the previously approved number of spaces in a mobilehome park) from business taxes, local registration fees, use permit fees or any other fee except those fees that apply to existing spaces in the park; more housing could be become available. This measure passed on a 76-0 vote, and now heads to the Senate, where it will likely be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee in June or July. To read the current language of AB 1334, click here.

Please be sure to keep up to date on the status of bills being tracked by WMA.  Click here to get up-to-date information on bills of importance to the manufactured housing industry:

State Budget Discussions Underway

Friday is the house of origin deadline for bills introduced in the Senate and Assembly.  This past Tuesday was the last day that bills could be amended, and there have not been any substantive amendments adopted on bills being tracked by WMA.

Beginning next week, discussions in the Legislature will focus on passing a state budget that must be acted on by June 15th if legislators want to keep getting paid.  With a $31.5 billion deficit this year and billions of dollars in future years, legislators continue to struggle with how to realign spending with incoming revenues.  Fewer than five legislators (out of 120) have experienced a deficit situation in California, and the shock of not being able to dole out money to favored social programs is coming as a “shock” to many. 

An interesting article on the dynamics surrounding the State Legislature and its negotiations with the Governor on the budget was written recently in Cal Matters.  To read the article, click here:

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