Attention Los Angeles County Parkowners and Operators

WMA became affiliated with Biz Fed (Los Angeles County Business Federation) in early 2013 in a massive effort to defeat the infamous “Clean Water, Clean Beaches” parcel tax measure that would have resulted in an annual $140, per space, fee on owners of manufactured home communities. With Biz Fed taking the lead and WMA’s support, along with a broad spectrum of opposition throughout the county, the measure was defeated in front of 2000 citizens, mostly, in opposition to this ill-conceived government fee. However, we expect a similar measure to re-emerge in the next year or two under a new Board of Supervisors. Because of this issue, and other regulatory measures, WMA is now immersed in the Biz Fed organization with Allan Alt and David Evans serving on the Board of Directors as well as the Political Action and Advocacy Committees. Thus, when the Clean Water Measure returns we will have more input, through Biz Fed, than ever before. 

Biz Fed is now doing their annual survey of its members to find out the top issues to the business community in Los Angeles County. The responses to this short survey will be distributed to elected officials, policy makers and the media. Please take a moment to fill out the survey. Simply click on the survey link on this page to get started. Your responses will be sent directly to Biz Fed and compiled with all the others from the business community in Los Angeles County. Please be sure to select “Western Manufactured Housing Communities” for the question that asks you to select which organization your company belongs. Biz Fed is the most influential business organization in the L.A. area and we want them to know WMA is interested and active in the issues that are before the county Board of Supervisors as well as all 88 cities within the county. A strong response to this survey will go a long way toward increasing WMA’s visibility in the Los Angeles County business community. 

Biz Fed is keeping track of which industries are responding to the survey so this is an opportunity to make a favorable impression and have your voice heard as a business owner, manager or affiliated party. If you should have any questions, please send us a message or call WMA’s Senior Regional Representative for Central/Southern Californa, David Evans at 661-245-3719. Please complete and submit the survey within the next few days.

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