MCM Code of Ethics

All MCM designees must subscribe to the Code of Ethics established by WMEG. MCM designees who violate the code of ethics may be subject to revocation of their designation. To establish and maintain public trust, confidence, honesty, integrity, and professionalism in WMA and the MCM designation, we pledge to abide by this code of ethics and the WMA code of ethics:

  • Ethics – The MCM designee will maintain the high standards and ethical conduct of WMA, as outlined in its code of ethics.
  • Compliance with Law – The MCM designee shall be familiar and comply with federal, state, and local laws (statues and regulations) in the operation of a manufactured housing community.
  • Duty to the Community Owner and /or Management Firm – The MCM designee owes loyalty and diligence to the community owner and/or management firm under which they are employed, and shall not engage in any activities to compromise this relationship.
  • Duty to Residents/Homeowners – The MCM designee will observe the rights to privacy, respect, courtesy, and dignity of residents/homeowners to the extent such behavior does not jeopardize their health and safety.
  • Equal Opportunity – The MCM will not engage in activities that discriminate in housing, employment, or services based n race, religion, color, creed, national origin, sex, handicap, age, or familial status (except age restrictions provided under the Federal Fair Housing Act).
  • Protection of Funds – The MCM designee will handle community funds in an honest, ethical, and professional manner.
  • Accounting and Reporting – The MCM designee will maintain accurate financial and business records.
  • Disclosure – The MCM designee will not disclose confidential information concerning the community owner, management company, or community residents/homeowners to third parties, unless required by law.


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