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FEMA Aid Information

Attn: Property Managers

If your property was impacted by the fires in Butte, Lake, Napa, Mendocino, Sonoma and Yuba counties, your tenants are eligible to be reimbursed for damages or losses (such as evacuation and relocation costs) through FEMA. These counties have been part of federal or state disaster declarations. 

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The Fee and Tax Waiver Program for Unregistered Mobilehomes
AB 587 implemented by HCD.

People who purchased a mobilehome or manufactured home but didn’t receive the necessary title to the property now have a chance to properly register their homes with the new Fee and Tax Waiver Program – and avoid paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in state and local taxes, fees and penalties.


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Government Affairs


Prop. 13 targeted by proposed California ballot initiative

Forty years after Proposition 13 was approved by California voters, the issue of property-tax limits could be back on the state ballot in 2018.

A coalition of liberal groups is trying to qualify an initiative for the November ballot that would remove Prop. 13’s restrictions on reassessments and tax increases for corporate-owned property.

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Red Alert

Governor Brown Vetoes AB 1269

WMA is pleased to report that Governor Brown vetoed AB 1269 (Stone). Please read his veto message.


Bills of Interest

This section tracks WMA’s bills of interest as they make their way through the legislative process.

In the News


Rent-control initiative could obliterate state housing markets

SACRAMENTO — “In many cases rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city — except for bombing,” opined Swedish economist Assar Lindbeck. He’s right on target given that rent control destroys housing markets because it takes away the incentive to build new apartments, reduces the willingness of landlords to upgrade and maintain their properties, and encourages tenants to squat indefinitely in their below-market units.


Carson wins latest round in long-running rent control fight at Colony Cove

The latest turn in the long-running legal feud over a Carson law limiting rent increases at mobile home parks went in the city’s favor with a court ruling that could bolster cities’ abilities to regulate real estate up and down California.


Calls for rent control surge in Bay Area suburbs

SANTA CRUZ — Many people in the Seabright neighborhood knew about the roiling local debate over rent control even before Zav Hershfield, petition in hand, knocked on their doors.

Canvassers for renter rights have been through parks, neighborhoods and local shopping centers since February in this coastal town, collecting signatures to place a city referendum on the November ballot limiting annual rent increases and make it harder to evict residents.

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MCM 2018 Registration Now Open!
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This seminar will include a half day of Title 25 training with an industry expert and an attorney. The afternoon session will include a presentation by a representative of HCD including a Question and Answer session. Six continuing education units may be earned with a passing grade on the course exam.

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