Capitol Update
By Chris Wysocki


On Monday, the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee held a hearing solely to consider three industry-specific bills.  

WMA remained unwavering throughout our discussions with the respective authors, their staff, and the committee consultant. WMA staff also voiced our opposition and specific areas of concern during committee testimony.  

Assembly Bill 861 (Bennett), Subleasing – Opposed by WMA, AB 861 prevents a parkowner from renting mobilehomes owned by management in a park by requiring park management to comply with any park rule or regulation prohibiting homeowners from renting or subleasing. 

Among other things, AB 861 will simply increase the use of Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) or AirB&B rentals of manufactured homes, a move that would negatively impact not just parkowners but the community as a whole.

We will be enlisting the assistance of WMA members and their residents now that this bill is headed to the full Assembly for consideration. Legislators must hear from BOTH parkowners and residents alike who do not wish to see an uptick in Airbnb-type rentals over which they have no control. 

AB 861 passed by a 6-2 vote.

Assembly Bill 978 (Quirk-Silva), Rent control – Opposed by WMA, this bill prevents mobilehome parks located within two or more incorporated cities from raising rents more than three percent plus CPI.

AB 978 passed by a vote of 5-2 with one member not voting. 

Assembly Bill 1061 (Lee), Water submetering – This bill amends Civil Code Section 780.40 and restricts park management from charging a ready to serve charge for submetered water. The author has expressed a desire to work with the opposition as the bill moves through the process. We will continue working with him to provide education about the impact this legislation will have on water conservation and on parkowners who have invested in the installation of water submeters and have already reduced the rent pursuant to Civil Code Section 798.41.

The committee approved amendments to incorporate provisions from SB 7 (Wolk), a bill signed into law in 2016 and intended to encourage water conservation in multifamily residential rental buildings through submetering of apartments.

In our letter to the Assembly Housing Committee, WMA noted that the submetered water system in a mobilehome park is completely different from the ongoing capital and operational costs incurred by an apartment building’s submetered water system. Our letter also pointed out that parkowners have a responsibility to construct, repair, and maintain these submetered systems, and the service fee permitted under SB 7 is not adequate to maintain a mobilehome park submetered water system.

WMA will continue to work collaboratively with the California Mobilehome Parkowners Alliance and take the fight to the Assembly floor. We will also call upon the membership to help us in our efforts via VoterVoice.

This bill passed on a 7-0 vote with one member not voting.


May 7 is the deadline to pass non-fiscal bills to the full Assembly or Senate.  The Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees will meet on May 20 to determine which fiscal bills are sent to the full Senate and Assembly.


To view a list of legislation WMA is currently tracking, please visit

Chris Wysocki is WMA’s State Legislative Advocate. He can be reached at


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