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By Chris Wysocki, WMA State Legislative Advocate

What a week! WMA and CMPA lobbyists met jointly with numerous legislators and their staff via phone call in anticipation of both yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and upcoming hearings.              


Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony on the anti-closure bill, AB 2782 (Stone). We want to share with members the latest turn of events relative to this bill.

WMA worked tirelessly to secure the defeat of SB 999 (Umberg) in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee on July 29, and we were successful.  In an attempt to resurrect the bill, the language of SB 999 was inserted into AB 2782 late last week.

SB 999 did not have to go through an initial, fiscal review in the Senate before it was defeated; however, since it is now part of AB 2782 (which has always been keyed fiscal), the Appropriations Committee will meet next week to determine whether it will be allowed to proceed to the Senate Floor.

The arguments in favor of AB 2782 (local governments are incapable of making decisions relating to local land use) and the language of SB 999 (local governments are best suited to make decisions) are in direct conflict with one another, but they are now in the same bill.  We have been working with the Newsom Administration to inform them about the status of this situation.

Please click on the following link to view the latest version of AB 2782 (Stone):

The Senate Judiciary Committee vote was 7-2 with Senators Andreas Borgeas and Melissa Melendez voting NO on the bill.


We continue our outreach and discussions with key legislators on SB 915 (Leyva), the rent repayment bill. While SB 915 may be brought up on the Assembly Floor anytime, it will likely be heard on the Assembly Floor the last week of August.  

WMA launched a VoterVoice campaign in response to SB 915 (Leyva) and there is still time to act, if you haven’t already.  The legislative alert(s) can be found on the Government Affairs section of WMA’s website,


After careful review, WMA will formally oppose SB 1410 (Caballero), which now proposes to void any demand for the payment of unpaid rent, or any notice to terminate tenancy served, that has accrued during the State of Emergency due to COVID-19.  

I testified in opposition on behalf of WMA remotely via public comment. SB 1410 passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee yesterday by a vote of 7-3.

We will continue to oppose this egregious and burdensome measure as it continues to advance.


WMA has been one of the major early contributors to the opposition campaign against “Split Roll” – Proposition 15. We thought the following video that Board of Equalization (BOE) Member Ted Gaines posted after the July 23 hearing might be of interest. This video succinctly articulates why Proposition 15 is detrimental for California.

Members can view the video at:


As I have previously indicated, this session is unique and unprecedented.  In addition to the bills mentioned above, we are also keeping a close watch on AB 1436 (Chiu), which, by all accounts, seems to be the broader, housing measure being advanced by the Legislature. WMA opposes this measure, and we are participating in a broad-based coalition opposing this bill. Members can find the language of AB 1436 by clicking on the following link:

As we enter the final weeks of session, there will certainly be a number of maneuvers and deals being made between the Senate and the Assembly.  WMA will maintain a strong presence in the Capitol and will be working to persuade legislators to defeat our opposed legislation.  In the event that some of these measures pass and are sent to the Governor, we have been working closely with the Governor’s office to stress the detrimental effects of bills like AB 1436, AB 2782, AB 2895 and SB 915 will have on California’s housing supply.

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