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By Chris Wysocki, WMA State Legislative Advocate

The Legislature reconvened this week to a state of upheaval and infighting between both houses, prompting several policy committees to be postponed.

In these final weeks, lawmakers also intend to make changes to the state’s labor laws – from workers’ compensation to paid sick leave – to provide employer protections for those affected by COVID-19.

Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins also announced that the Senate has implemented procedures, which allow members to cast committee votes remotely from their district offices if certain conditions are met.


This legislation would have severely restricted the ability of mobilehome park residents to avail themselves of long term leases.  With the help of hundreds of our members who used our VoterVoice tool to communicate with their legislators and the advocacy efforts of our local regional representatives, our full team embraced an “all hands on deck” strategy resulting in the defeat of SB 999.

While the bill was granted reconsideration, the Committee does not plan on another hearing this year. This effort is an example of what WMA and our allies can accomplish by having our members engage in the legislative process.  These communications give our legislative team the quantifiable data we need to show broad-based opposition on bad bills and support for good bills.


The Senate Judiciary Committee has chosen to NOT set Assembly Bills 2690 (Low), 2782 (Stone), and 2895 (Quirk-Silva) for a hearing.  For now, this means that these measures will most likely NOT proceed through the process.  While these measures appear finished for the year, WMA’s legislative team will be keeping a close eye in the event that the language of any of these bills resurfaces in the coming weeks.

We will update members on the status of all remaining, key bills as information becomes available.         


The Board of Equalization (BOE) held an informational hearing last Thursday regarding the Split Roll initiative. Specifically, the BOE discussed whether mobilehomes and manufactured housing developments would be treated as residential or commercial properties should the initiative pass.

The coalition of opposition to Proposition 15 continues to grow, and a full list can be found by clicking on the following link:


The current state of affairs at the State Capitol is organized chaos at best.  In the Capitol, generally only one legislative staffer is allowed into the office at any given time.  Interactions between legislators and lobbyists has largely been relegated to Zoom calls or conference calls.  This chaos has resulted in what truly has been an unprecedented year.

With several public policies gaining more public attention (workers’ compensation augmentation, the State Budget, social justice reform measures, etc.), we continue to maintain our presence in the Capitol, albeit at a socially acceptable distance.

Finally, our local team of regional representatives has been an outstanding resource in coordinating meetings involving legislators, local parkowners and our Sacramento lobbying team. Our team is firing on all cylinders, and we are all working for the best interests of our members.

Thank you again for your continued support.


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