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By Chris Wysocki, WMA State Legislative Advocate

Throughout the course of the week, WMA’s Government Affairs team continued to engage in discussions with legislative staff, sent a targeted floor alert, and enlisted the WMA membership to “take action” on SB 999 (Umberg) using the VoterVoice online campaign platform.  Thank you to all who have participated in this effort using our VoterVoice platform or our traditional “Red Alert” system.

WMA joins coalition opposed to Assembly Bill 1436 (Chiu)

WMA recently joined a coalition created by the California Apartment Association (CAA) to defeat Assembly Bill 1436 by Assemblymember David Chiu. AB 1436 (Chiu) gives tenants up to 15 months to pay back rent if their personal finances were impacted by COVID-19.  

Split roll initiative qualifies for November 3 statewide ballot

The “split roll” property tax initiative has qualified for the November ballot. WMA stands alongside numerous business groups opposed to the measure, which would eliminate Proposition 13 protections for industrial and commercial properties.  

General conclusion

The Assembly adjourned for their “Summer Recess” today.  The Assembly bills we have yet to defeat are headed to the Senate.  The Senate will adjourn for their “Summer Recess” at the end of next week.  This is the first time in recent history when the two chambers have not aligned on their recess schedule.  Both the Assembly and the Senate will reconvene on July 13 and all legislative work needs to be concluded by August 31.

As we have previously noted, defeating legislation in the initial “House of Origin” is often very difficult.  Now that most bills have cleared their houses of origin, with the exception of SB 999 (Umberg) and SB 915 (Leyva), work will begin on raising arguments in the “Second House” that may be used to defeat these ill-conceived measures.  With respect to SB 999 and SB 915, these bills will be heard next week on the Senate Floor.  WMA may be reaching out to you to contact your legislators yet again on these poorly drafted measures that adversely affect our industry.

It will be a busy summer, and WMA and our team are working hard to convince legislators that targeting the mobilehome park industry is not a wise decision.  We continue to make the case that mobilehomes are a source of affordable housing for California, and making it more difficult for our parkowners to stay in business is simply bad business for California’s residents who are striving to have quality homes to live in at affordable prices.

We will keep you updated and thank you again for your help in spreading the word to legislators that our industry is essential to put roofs over the heads of the families who make California a great place to live.

To keep informed about the status of key legislation, please visit the Government Affairs section of our website at


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